Unacertainable Fees

Other Fees And Charges Description Amount
Direct debit/deposit dishonor fee After 7 day cycle default, due next day after dishonour.             $30.00
Direct debit/deposit dishonor fee After 14 day cycle default, due next day after dishonour.     $35.00
Direct debit/deposit dishonor fee After monthly cycle default, due next day after dishonour.    $40.00
Phone Contact Regarding late or missed payments without prior notice or agreement.   $5.00
Change of payment date/Modification of payment When any repayment date is changed or modification of payment is requested due day after request.   $11.00
Personal visit by Company representative Visiting consumer/s at notified address regarding default when all other communication means have failed, due day after visit.   $50.00
Enforcement expenses (debt recovery) Follows an un-remedied default, payable following recovery activity, due on date prescribed in invoice   At cost
Should all or any part of the above fees be incurred by the Consumer and remain unpaid at the end of the contract term, they may attract further permitted monthly fees, being 4% of the net loan amount.


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